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Minimizing Vulnerability & Maximizing Thriving

    In America and the world today, we are all vulnerable to a greater or lesser extent. Walking the streets and roads, you see it in our faces and hear it in our voices. The vulnerability specter hangs as well over our families and friends every day. To a greater extent, we will be vulnerable in the future unless we fix what is broken and build a survivable and thriving future.

    We need to minimize vulnerability via policies that stop forces that push us down to be more vulnerable and support forces that lift us out of vulnerability and toward thriving. 

   “Vulnerable” is a local, national and global strategy to minimize vulnerability and maximize thriving. Vulnerability is what we are targeting to minimize. Thriving is what we are targeting to maximize. Our vision is one of thriving people, communities, countries, and world.

    Vulnerable, as local, national and global strategy, can and does reduce vulnerability if we have wisdom and will. If we do and apply successfully, we achieve vision of minimizing our vulnerability and maximizing our thriving.

"via" Strategy and Model

    To support minimizing vulnerability and maximizing thriving, the "via" Strategy and Model provide a strategic and operational framework. That framework helps identify the most vulnerable persons/populations. It helps develop and execute the most effective strategy and interventions for minimizing vulnerability and maximizing thriving. It also helps set a desired vulnerability/thriving status for communities, America and beyond. The resulting operational strategy stops negative interventions and supports positive interventions. See "via" Model, "via" Strategy

Vulnerable in America (via)

  For decades, Gary "Chris" Christopherson, Founder, has been a strong advocate of causes that support Thrive! and Vulnerable in America and World (via) visions. His strategic, policy, management, performance, and advocacy work spans his service both in/out of government.

   His decision to start Thrive!®, as well as Vulnerable in America and World (via) and HealthePeople® - Building a Healthy and Thriving Future, comes from many years of advocacy in/out of government. It comes from a realization that saving on a single issue or parts of a "community" is helpful if done well.  But, it is not enough. What is missing and needed is an effort that takes a "whole community" view and has a "whole community" vision of what we must, can and will achieve.  Communities can be of any size from towns and cities to States to regions to nations to multinational areas.

   His primary work has been with creating and sustaining large, positive and timely change, improving health, educing vulnerability and building a thriving and surviving future for all forever.

   “Vulnerable (via)” is a potential local, regional and national strategy to minimize vulnerability and maximize thriving.  Its vision is one of thriving communities, and a thriving America and beyond.  It works to successfully create and execute an endgame strategy for achieving that vision.

    Thrive! is an endeavor and the call to action for building a thriving and surviving future forever for all, including people, key issues, and communities, nations and world.  It helps create and sustain a thriving future for a population, and a specific and/or cross-cutting issue.  See for more detail. 

 via Strategy.

   Detailed "via" Strategy Paper  

   In America and in the world today, there are millions upon millions of vulnerable persons.   

   They are vulnerable due to many causes. Their vulnerabilities range widely. Many persons have multiple vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities may change over time.

   While we have many people who are vulnerable today, many more people are at risk of vulnerability in the years ahead.  Further, many people are affected by family and friends who have vulnerabilities.

    To rectify this, communities, America and the rest of the world need a sustainable strategy to stop actions that push people down to more vulnerable states and to support actions that lift people out of vulnerability. We need a sustainable system in which vulnerability is minimized for all and all thrive.   

“via” Glidepath  

      The path ahead offers many opportunities to tackle both the overarching issue of vulnerability and specific interventions that minimize vulnerability and maximize thriving.

     We can bring about an overarching model and strategy that: addresses whole communities, America and the world, involves specific subpopulation or issue interventions to play a constructive role, assesses the benefit (real or projected) that such interventions have on reducing overall vulnerability and maximizing overall thriving, and, most importantly, perpetually prevents/minimizes vulnerability and maximizes thriving in communities, America and the world. 

"via” Endgame Strategy

     For example, here are four overarching strategies that can help minimize vulnerability, maximize health, and/or maximize thriving.

     Thrive! is an endeavor and the call to action for building a thriving future for people, communities, nations and world. Go to: It uses viaFuture to create and sustain a thriving future for a population, and/or cross-cutting issue.

     Vulnerable [Vulnerable In America and World (via)] is where: 1) we analyze a) who are the most vulnerable persons and why, b) what forces are increasing/reducing vulnerability, and c) what strategy would minimize vulnerability and maximize thriving on a sustained basis and 2) we then proceed to execute best strategy as an ongoing effort with ongoing evaluation and adjustments.

"via" Model 

     The "via" model starts out arraying overall vulnerability status from highly vulnerable to highly thriving.       
     On the right side, a chart depicts vStatus, using vulnerability and thriving indicators for populations or individuals. The model recognizes there are interventions that increase and reduce vulnerability and that increase thriving. The desired strategy is to:

  • Do interventions that move people up from vulnerability.

  • Do interventions that prevent more vulnerability.

  • Do interventions that achieve highest thriving.

    The model lays out key strategic actions – stop those interventions/actions that increase vulnerability and support those interventions/actions that reduce vulnerability and increase thriving. Long term success depends on a strategy that results in self-perpetuating “system” of actions continuously stopping actions that push people down to more vulnerable states and supporting actions that lift people out of vulnerability and increase thriving.   

        This “system” of actions would perpetually prevent increased vulnerability and support moving people up out of vulnerability to surviving to thriving.

 via Model

Overall Thrive!® Strategy

Thrive! vision, mission, strategy and supportive tools help create and sustain large, positive and timely change and build a thriving future for all forever. To build a thriving and surviving future:

Vision: All thrive forever. All includes you, your communities, and our world.
Mission: Create large, positive change that achieves surviving and thriving future for all forever.
Strategy: A joint Thrive! Endeavor® and call to action builds a thriving future for all forever.


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